An esteemed member of the “Royal Family of Guitar,” Pepe Romero has had a long and prosperous career, including CDs, Videos, and solo and concerto appearances in every major city and with every major orchestra. Last year, Mr. Romero was the recipient of the New York City Classical Guitar Society’s “Lifetime Achievement Award,” and on December 31st he returns to the 92nd St. Y for a A Champagne New Year’s Eve with Los Romero. In an interview I did with Pepe Romero last year, he shared thoughts about his father and how he inspired him.

Urban Guitar: What inspired your CD Songs My Father Taught Me?

Pepe Romero: The CD Songs My Father Taught Me is a special tribute to the pieces my father played throughout my childhood (especially at night time to put me to sleep) and were pieces that my father cherished his entire life. Actually, my newest CD release is entitled Corazón Español”on CPA Hollywood Records. Since I recorded Songs My Father Taught Me I have released Metamorphosi de Concert by Xavier Montsalvatge (released by Tritó Records) and the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra with Trumpet Obbligato by Paul Chihara (released by Albany Records), and a recital of the Romero Quartet called The Romeros: Generations on CPA Hollywood Records.

Urban Guitar: These are songs that he taught you – How else did he influence you?

Pepe Romero: He taught me to love music and the guitar and to use the guitar as a vessel to take me into my spiritual journey. He influenced me the most with his example of unconditional love and passion for the guitar and music and for his family.

Urban Guitar: Your debut concert was with your father when you were only seven years old. What did you play at this concert?

Pepe Romero: I played the Suite Andaluza by my father, Sevilla and Leyenda by Isaac Albéniz, Op. 9 Magic Flute Variations of Fernando Sor and Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Tárrega. The concert occurred in the Teatro Lope de Vega in the middle of the Park Maria Luisa in Sevilla, a vortex for lovers.

Urban Guitar: Were you nervous?