Why Gaming can get Addictive?

Gaming addiction is an officially declared addiction now. With gamers going out of bounds to play video games for hours together, this has become an issue of concern all over the world. Here’s how gaming can get addictive – the causes, the symptoms and everything else you need to know about gaming addiction. Read it up:

Video game addictions have been classified into two. The first one is driven by the thrill gamers get by achieving the target set the game. The second category of addiction is when the compulsive need to keep competing with fellow gamers across the world until they finally win. Both the addictions are equally intense – with the latter being of higher intensity. The reason behind this is that the multiplayer online games don’t really have an ending – they just keep going with no definitive winner.

What causes video game addiction?
The thrill, excitement which video games bring is what makes them so addictive. The very design of these games is such that the game designers put in everything possible to hook the gamers to these otherwise exciting games. The interesting elements which are part of every online game out there are responsible for both gaming addiction and rising revenues of the game developers. The developers make the game tough enough to make the gamer want to give it another try, but at the same time, they also ensure that the game is easy enough not to make the gamer give up. This keeps the gamers on their toes, making them challenge themselves and keep playing continuously.


Addiction symptoms:
Most of the gamers feel the constant need to be in front of their PC’s even when doing another task. This restlessness is associated with addiction to gaming. Also, addicted gamers will give up social life just to keep playing even in their free time. These gamers even end up lying about the time they spend playing online games and also have their mind occupied with thoughts about gaming and gaming only. The symptoms of gaming addiction are pretty obvious – a close watch on behaviour patterns will reveal these symptoms.

Those who are addicted to gaming will experience constant fatigue – especially when they aren’t playing the games. This very fatigued person will be pumping with energy when playing games. Eye strain is another problem faced by addicted gamers. Damaged eyesight with spectacles is a prevalent issue. Apart from this, unexplained pains in the body due to long hours of sitting in one position itself are a few notable symptoms.

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